Customs clearance

Customs clearance of the cargo

Proper and timely preparation for the procedure of customs clearance of the cargo at the border is the key to the rapid customs control and inspection. The Russian legislation provides for two options for declaring goods: by the owner or through a customs representative. Most foreign trade participants prefer to involve the services of specialists.

TEK-Yug offers customs clearance services both as an independent service and as part of a package of services.

Within the frame of the customs clearance performed by our company, you will get:

• Preliminary study and preparation of documents;

• Checking the need for the cargo certification;

• Checking the need for the sanitary and quarantine control;

• Mediation in issuing of all the necessary permits;

• Customs clearance in the Centre of e-declaration (hereinafter CED) of Novorossiysk;

• Customs clearance "under the seal" of the Client;

• Interaction with the customs authorities;

• Our attention 24 / 7.

Customs clearance

Turnkey customs clearance

Customs clearance of the cargo is a complex process, regulated by many legislative acts, resolutions and orders, which change almost every month. To keep up with the law, respond to changes in time and correctly submit customs declarations, you need to have a qualified customs clearance specialist in the staff or give this service to a company specializing in customs clearance.

The slightest non-compliance with the rules in the preparation of the customs declaration may result in the refusal to release the goods, adjustment of the customs value, additional inspection operations and, as a result, demurrage for the cargo storage in the customs control zone, which leads to additional expenses.

The main stage for customs clearance is preparation of the necessary package of documents. The list of documents for issue of the customs declaration in Novorossiysk for export and import can be seen here.

The procedure of preparation for the customs clearance includes several stages:

1. Submission of the cargo customs declaration;

2. Stage of the documentary control;

3. Stage of the currency control;

4. Payment of the customs duties;

5. Final control.

Preparation for the customs clearance takes 1-2 days if a full set of documents is provided. In case certification or other permits are required, the time limit may increase.

The complex of works for customs clearance with "TEK Yug" includes preparation and verification of all the documents, calculation of customs payments, procedure of all customs formalities before the release of the cargo.

The cost of the customs clearance service includes:

• Preparation and verification of the package of documents;

• Selection and confirmation of the HS code;

• Calculation of customs payments;

• Filling in the customs declaration;

• Provision of the List of documents;

• Submission of the customs declaration to the CED;

• Supervision and control of the customs declaration processing up to its release;

• Receipt of the cleared cargo by you.

The result of working with us will be a quick release of the cargo without penalties and cost adjustments.



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