Information for calculation of the cost of transportation

Information for calculation of the cost of transportation | Transport company TEK-YUG Новороссийск

Here’s a list of basic data that you need to provide for calculation of the cost of transportation:


Full name of the cargo

Write down what logistics service is required: freight, insurance, port forwarding, delivery by road or a complex of services.


Port / place of loading (POL)

If it is imported cargo, please advise the name of the country, city and port of shipment of the cargo.

If the cargo leaves the warehouse in Russia, then the address of the warehouse location.


Port / place of delivery of the cargo (POD)

For import – the port of arrival in Russia.

For export – the country and the port of the consignee under the contract.

For customs clearance, please inform your freight forwarder of the following data:

• The total weight of the cargo, NET and GROSS;

• If the general cargo to be delivered, specify the number of packages in the container, their weight, their packing (weight and type),

• If the palletized cargo to be delivered, specify the number of pallets in the container, the number of packages, the weight of the cargo, the dimensions of the cargo, the method of securing the cargo. If you plan to reload the cargo, tell us whether it is possible to load one package on the other and in how many tiers.

• If the cargo is hazardous or non-hazardous. What is the hazard class;

• Whether the cargo requires special temperature conditions of transportation, if it is frozen or perishable;

• If the cargo requires certification, please inform us about the declarations or certificates of conformity you have;

• If the cargo is subject to sanitary and quarantine control, advise whether you have a state registration certificate, a phytosanitary or veterinary certificate;

• Other characteristics of the cargo.  


All these measures will help us to prepare information about the cost and time of delivery of your cargo as quickly as possible.


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