Documents for customs clearance of imported cargo

For issue of an import customs declaration, you will have to prepare the following set of documents:

1. Signed contract with all supplements;

2. Commercial invoice;

3. A document on the prepayment made for the delivery of the goods (if this condition is stipulated for in the contract);

4. Documents for transportation of the cargo (invoices, contract with the transport company, payment  documents confirming payment for transportation, cargo insurance, etc.);

5. Documents containing information about the cargo (its quality, technical characteristics, description of the cargo and the sphere of its application);

6. Financial documents on payment of customs duties;

7. Packing documents for each cargo package;

8. Import permits, depending on the type of imported goods.

If the above documents are written in a foreign language, you have to attach a certified translation.

This list may be supplemented by other documents, depending on the type of the cargo being transported and the specifics of the transaction. Customs authorities have the right to request any documents relating to the execution of the transaction, the description of the goods, etc.

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