Logistics outsourcing is a suitable option for those who save their material and time resources.

In today's market realities, almost every business owner is faced with the need to save the company's funds. Sooner or later, business owners realize that in order to optimize the cost of transfer and delivery of the goods, it is necessary to have an organized logistics department or a full-time logistician in the staff. This situation involves expenses not only for cargo transportation processes, but also for the personnel, including payment of taxes. The risks associated with the uninterrupted cargo delivery also depend on the professionalism of the employees.

For those business owners who want to make optimal use of their company's resources, we offer logistics outsourcing services. Our company employs highly specialized specialists. By entrusting the delivery of the cargo to us, you will save on time and financial factors. In the course of work with our customers, we:

• Analyze upcoming transportation costs;

• Help you correctly draw up a foreign economic contract;

• Arrange sea freight selecting the optimal rates from shipping lines;

• Provide customs clearance services for the cargo;

• Help to certify the goods;

• Organize all the necessary loading and unloading operations at the port of arrival;

• Render freight forwarding services;

• Deliver the cargo by road or by railway transport to the customer's warehouse.



You can get all these services in different companies, or you can order them in TEK YUG LLC and get them in a "single-window" mode. You will be given a personal manager who will understand the specifics of your business and set up business processes. You will not need to spend money on your own logistics department. Entrust the care of your cargo to us.

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