Delivery of container cargo by road is one of the main services of "TEK Yug".

We provide a high level of service for container transportation of goods in Russia, the CIS countries, the Customs Union, to the neighbouring and the far-abroad countries. We specialize in the delivery of goods from China and Turkey. We also organize the delivery of containers from Novorossiysk to any place of the country and abroad.

We own 20 container trucks and trailers. We also engage other accredited carriers for cargo transportation. Therefore, we have the opportunity to deliver form the port up to 50 units of cargo per day.

We specialize in delivery of:

• General cargo;

• Oversized cargo;

• Perishable goods;

• Hazardous goods; 

• Container transportation by rail. 

We offer various types of equipment for our customers:

• Container trucks;

• Lowbed trucks;

• Vans;

• Trucks and covered trucks;

• Refrigerated containers.


Contracts with all ports of Novorossiysk allow us to export cargo according to the direct option.

Well-coordinated work with all control authorities allows us to organize the work of freight forwarders so that to ensure that the cargo leaves the port on time and without delays.

The directions of our transportation are very diverse – the Russian Federation, the CIS, the Customs Union, Abkhazia, the DPR, the LPR, Belarus, etc. We effect international transportation in accordance with Certificate No.10000/0482A dated 28.07.2016.

Safety of the cargo transportation is ensured by modern technologies. All our drivers undergo a medical examination before going on the route. All vehicles are equipped with GPS-navigators.

If necessary, we conclude a contract for cargo insurance

In addition "TEK Yug" is engaged in the transportation of oversized, heavy, large-tonnage cargo. Such cargo has its own requirements for transportation: from calculation of the route to selection of the type of container. Transportation of oversized cargo also requires compliance with special rules and conditions. So, after unloading and customs formalities, the oversized cargo is transported along highways by specialized equipment. Therefore, if you plan to bring oversized cargo, we recommend you to make a calculation of all costs in advance with  the help of our specialists.

We have extensive experience in the transportation of project cargo.

We can also provide cargo escorting.

Get an offer for your cargo transportation

These services include

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Selection of the type of transport depending on its specifics, dimensions, distance, transportation requirements, etc.

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The choice of the route, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo being transported and the congestion of traffic arteries

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Preparation of the cargo for transportation, load calculation, correct load distribution

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Registration of cargo documents – legal registration of cargo and commercial documents

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Cargo escorting – we provide the service of escorting your goods by an employee of the carrier, a customs representative or a security company

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Tracking of the cargo in transit - we use modern navigation systems and monitor the movement of your cargo

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Loading and unloading operations - quality control of loading operations, guarantee of the safety and integrity of the cargo

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Cargo insurance is a guarantee of safety and compensation in the event of a force majeure situation on the way

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