Oversized cargo

What is the oversized cargo?

According to the definition, the "oversized cargo" is the cargo which dimensions and weight exceed the size and weight of the cargo that fits in a standard container. It is not possible to transport it in a conventional way. Therefore, the transportation of such cargo requires the availability of special equipment and a permit for transportation.

If one or more of the dimensions (length, width, height or weight) exceeds the dimensions and permissible weight of a standard 20’, 40’, 45' container, it will have to be transported in OpenTop, Flat Rack, Platform containers or on a Ro-Ro vessel.

Transportation of oversized cargo by plane or by train is very expensive in terms of financial investments. Therefore, most often oversized cargo is transported by sea and road transport.


Non-standard cargo categories

Heavy cargo - when loading such cargo into the truck the allowed maximum weight will be exceeded or the axial loads will exceed the allowed norms;

Bulky cargo - when it is loaded, the established standard of length, height or width will be exceeded.

Long cargo - after loading into the truck such cargo will go over the backboard by more than 2 m.

Thus, oversized cargo is considered to be the cargo which size, when loaded on the vehicle for transportation, will be the following:

• Weight over 38 tons

• Length exceeds 20 m

• Height exceeds 4 m

• Width exceeds 2.55 m.


What cargo is considered oversized?

Most often, the oversized cargo includes:

• Complex equipment

• Equipment

• Agricultural machinery and equipment

• Components of plants, factories, assembly lines

• Lumber

• Drilling rigs

• Parts of large structures, etc.


Oversized cargo

Preparation for transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo in Russia requires compliance with traffic regulations, rules for fixing of non-standard cargo and obtaining a special permit. This is a special type of transportation that requires careful preparatory work, consisting of the following stages:

1. Selection of the appropriate vehicle;

2. Selection of the transportation route taking into account its specifics and time of the year;

3. Taking into account possible obstacles that may be encountered during transportation. Bridges, gas pipes, the width of the road, etc. - all this can become a barrier to transportation;

4. Development of transportation estimates;

5. Providing cargo escort with a cover vehicle;

6. Cargo insurance;

7. Cargo security with monitoring of its movement;

8. Preparation of all necessary documents.


Registration of a permit for the transportation of the oversized cargo

Non-standard transportation is supervised by the Traffic Police. Therefore, a special permit must be obtained for transportation. This is done because it is forbidden to transport such goods in whole, if they can be transported in parts. Therefore, the owner of the cargo or the carrier company prepares a package of documents for obtaining a special permit from the Federal Road Agency.

Such a permit acts as a guarantee for the owners of highways that the objects located on the road (buildings, power lines, bridges, woodlands, etc.) are taken into account when arranging the cargo transportation and will not be damaged.


Transportation of oversized cargo is a complicated and time-consuming process and requires taking into account a lot of nuances. To transport oversized cargo in Russia successfully, we recommend to use the services of our logistics specialists.

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