Documents for customs clearance of exported cargo

Documents for customs clearance of exported cargo | Transport company TEK-YUG Новороссийск

For customs clearance of exported goods you will have to present the following documents:

1. Documents relating to the concluded transaction:

• contract with all additional agreements to it;

• payment documents on prepayment, if it is provided for by the contract;

• commercial invoice and its translation;

2. Documents relating to transportation of the cargo:

• waybills;

• contract with the carrier and confirmation of payment under it;

• cargo insurance;

• packing lists;

• evidence of the right of disposal of the cargo;

3. Documents describing the product:

• instructions, technical passport, documents about the quality, etc.;

• export permits from state authorities, as well as accompanying documents (if necessary);

• documents confirming the quality and safety of the cargo:

certificate of origin of the goods (the form differs depending on the country where the goods are delivered).

4. Documents confirming payment of customs duties (separately for advance payment and for customs clearance), as well as export duties.

Customs authorities have the right to request other documents.


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